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Peak Performance Workshop
A Guide to Personal and Corporate Success!

Workshop Objectives:

This highly-acclaimed Peak Performance Workshop™ is designed as a dynamic, in-depth exploration of the powers of goal setting and positive self-talk and how they affect our personal and professional sense of worth and performance.


What You Will Learn at the Peak Performance Workshop™

How goals and affirmation relate to success!
How to develop a complete personal and business goal setting program!
What Winners say to themselves!
Techniques for memory enhancement!
Keys to Peak Performance!
Secrets of the mind!
Testing your Success Level!
"Little" things concerning success!

Workshop time frame: Half day.

Workshop materials: Each participant receives a personalized Performance Enhancement Workbook!

What the Peak Performance Workshop™ Can Do For You!

"Prior to attending Steve's Peak Performance Workshop, my life was unfocused with no discernible goals in sight. Steve gave me the confidence and guidance to where I now feel I am in control. This is one workshop that can literally change your life. It did mine!" - Kevin Grell, Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha

For more information, call Steve at (800) 293-1676 or e-mail