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Executive Toughness Training 2021
High-Impact Performance Under Pressure!


Do you think you are mentally tough?  Take our challenge!  This is not your run-of-the-mill workshop.  It is an exciting test of your mental fortitude as a leader and decision-maker under the pressure of real-life situations.  This workshop will not only have you thinking on your feet, but it will put you in a position to assess where you need to be as a mentally tough leader.

Seminar Objectives:

This revolutionary seminar is designed to develop and strengthen a person's mental coping skills to perform with total confidence under high-pressure conditions in the workplace. A multimedia format enhances the learning atmosphere of this intense and enjoyable class.

You Will Learn to Deal With These Corporate Toughness Scenarios:

Reaction to criticism from superiors/peers.
Job demotion/dismissal.
All forms of harassment.
Passed over for promotion.
Impossible work environment.
      and much, much more!!

What You Will Learn at Executive Toughness Training 2021™

Basic components of corporate toughness training.
A corporate toughness learning sequence.
Making toughness training a life skill.
    and much, much more!!

Workshop time frame: Half day

Workshop materials: Each participant receives a personalized Corporate Toughness Training Manual!

For more information, call Dr. Steve Brennan at (531) 777-0432 or e-mail