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The Rejuvenation Experience ®
Health and Wellness Seminar
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Session One: 'Rejuvenation through a Balanced Lifestyle.' Speaker: Tom Osborne, PhD @ $29.95
Session Two: Session Two 'Superfoods to Prevent Disease, Promote Longevity, and Increase Brain Power in You!' Speaker: Shelly Asplin, MA, RD, LMNT @ $29.95
Session Three: 'The Rejuvenating Effects of Massage.' Speaker: John Welbes, DC, MBA @ $29.95
Session Four: 'How to Add 10 - 20 Years of Extra Life.' Speaker: Steven Aldana, PhD @ $29.95
Session Five: 'An Easy, Action-Oriented Approach to Help You Create a Successful Personal Exercise Program.' Speaker: Jennifer White, PhD @ $29.95
Session Six: 'Laughter as a Rejuvenating Agent.' Speaker: Austin Anderson @ $29.95
Session Seven: 'The Scientific Power of Prayer.' Speaker: Kenneth Pargament, PhD @ $29.95
Session Eight: 'Inner Greatness: Release Your Potential!' Speaker: Steve Brennan, PhD @ $29.95